The last thing that major ceriminals need to do is traffic people into sexual slavery in Europe. It really is not as big a problem as people think that it is. But I reallu suspect that it is talked up by politicians looking to be popular and people with an agenda in mind. Namely, to ban all sex work. Which has been tried many times through history and failed every time.

So why do gangsters get involved in the sex business in Spain, if not to people traffic and sell the services of sex slaves? If you bear in mind that everything in the sex business in Spain is legal, all sorts of options open up to you. You can have a web site and represent the best escort Las Palmas can provide. Running a brothel is one option. Or you can operate a nightclub club where prostitutes work and you take a percentage of their earnings. Or you can run a bar and hotel where women pay you a daily or nightly rate for their bedroom and leave them to get on with their trade.

Which is all very nice, but seems a little conventional and “straight” for the mafias and gangsters, surely. Well, maybe. But most of the hotels in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil are owned by gangsters, even if they are then run as franchisees or Hilton, Sheraton and the other global brands. That is why there are so many luxury hotels in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with hundreds of empty bedrooms but full staff at all times.

And best of all, you do not have to involved in any of this laundering. Find the right accountant and they will cook the books, generate the invoices and take care of all the electronic transfers on your behalf and just give you an accounting whenever you want. Of course, if you are smart – and whatever your education level you do not get to own and keep a multi million euro business without being smart – you have someone to check on the work of the accountant, someone who checks on the checker, and then you check on them. Quis custodiet ipsios custodes? Who guards the guards? Everyone.

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