To seduce a man on the internet is, first of all, to catch his eye to make him want to discover you. There are two essential rules for the photo: chic but straightforward. It is the harmony that will emerge that will be decisive.

Also, a neat makeup in which you feel good is ideal: do not try new colors for the occasion, do not seem disguised, the goal: enhance your capital, without the disguise!

For the break, a smile is enough, with why not a slight inclination of the head on the side. Avoid the selfie, the duckface or worse the fish face! Ask someone you trust to take the picture. Keep in mind the result to get: a healthy, sincere contact. An overplayed pose, a look a little too sensual can lead you too enterprising suitors, already wishing to go to dessert even before the idea of a meal in the restaurant!

A smile at the top

Staying natural and to his advantage by conjuring stress is possible thanks to this little trick:

Say the word “Money” when shooting. This is the only time when talking about money will look good: your mouth will open harmoniously and will reveal just enough teeth neither too much nor too little. More than a goal, a rule of conduct!

A timeless attire

man seducing woman

The white top, nothing could be wiser! White lightens the face, suitable for most skin tones. Similarly, it allows makeup and leaves the field open to the jewelry of all kinds. Whatever it is, tee-shirt or blouse, it must not be round-neck. Some open buttons, a v-neck always do the trick.

If you see your figure, you will never be younger and relaxed with jeans. White Tee-shirt and jeans, the eternal duet seduction, think about it!

Forward for your best profile, why not take outside, on a sunny day, the opportunity to give your complexion a natural light without equal.

Believe in yourself and know what you do not want!

Once you have made contact, be confident and caring towards you! We can not please if we do not like ourselves or if we do not love each other. Do not exert unnecessary pressure: no, your life does not depend on the man who will contact you. Do not project yourself with a partner right away!

Allow yourself time! The time to answer, to look for your words, the time for the meeting. The important thing is to obtain a relationship that suits you, not a relationship with which you will compose from the start! Who wants to build his house does it on sound foundations, does it speak to you? So go ahead, you have the keys, open the door!

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